The Grim Reaper

Bringing Life to all meme and crypto

The Grim Reaper

MEME to EARN Grim Reaper

The Grim Reaper: Bringing Life to all Meme and Cryptos

The Grim finance initially planned on killing Pepe, Aidoge, Shiba and all meme coins making you proud but they got carried away and wants to join the fun instead. So think of him as the happy Grim who have found his lost love stolen by Hades.

We know you love memes, crypto stories and some green candles. Grim reaper will be using his mythical powers to do good one last time.

grim reaper


Marketing DAO


Marketing DAO

The Grim REAPER will graciously reward every one of you tweep and influencer writing good about him on twitter and other social platforms. The rest will be dragged to hades by him till eternity. Not even your Government can SAVE you.

Join MEME team

Grim Reaper packs a bunch of experienced team members who have been shitcoined since 2019. They know what its like to ride the meme wave and make some generational wealth while at it.

grim reaper

MEME Competitions

Twitter meme competition will be live from the get go as we look to handsomely reward memers. We have reserved 2% of our total supply to our community for this purpose.



Phase 1


Dex Listing

CoinGecko/Coinmarketcap Listings

1,000+ Holders

Contract audited

Staking Launch

Phase 2

Cex Listings

On-board tier 1 influencers

TikTok Marketing

10,000+ Holders


The Grim Reaper

Bringing Life to all meme and crypto

Grim Reaper Tokenomics


Total supply: 1,000,000,000

BURN [53.3%] : 535,000,000

Public Sale [27%]: 270,000,000

Liquidity [13.5%]: 135,000,000

Community [2%]: 20,000,000

Development [4%]:40,000,000 (3Months lock)